At Riad Dar Khmissa the art of hospitality is the only acceptable direction. Here you are in a guesthouse, Michel, Habiba and Bahija will make you taste to their small culinary inventions: All our preparations are homemade (the freezer does not exist in this place!) Jams, orange juice, pancakes, Moroccan cakes, tagines and other dishes ... When you arrive: Tea with mint sweet or not depending on your taste, with small homemade cake welcomes you. Listed Breakfasts: Juice of fresh fruit (oranges, grapes, apples, strawberries ...), a variety of teas (caramel tea, peach tea, tea five red fruits, vanilla tea, earl gray tea ...), coffee, hot milk or cold , chocolate, three kinds of houses Jams (oranges, carrots, strawberries, vanilla bourbon, milk, zucchini, apple, lemon, banana, strawberry-verbena, tangerine, peach, grape, tomato, vanilla, watermelon or even sweet potato ...) amelou (argan, honey and almond oil), butter, honey, Moroccan bread fresh assortment of Moroccan pancakes (brigh, msmene msmene natures and onions) and depending on the day, cakes, French pancakes, French toast , Archas, or a banana pancake. Next meal (lunch and dinner) table d'hôte or lovers At any time of the day, whether in the dining room, patio or on the shaded terrace your palate will be at the party, invited to a real glare of tastes. To order, and depending on the season, one of our cooks Moroccan, or Bahija Habiba will prepare you according to your desires, worthy of Moroccan cuisine that will cook with different fresh seasonal products and expertise extraordinary dishes. Input: Cold or hot soup, salads of eggplant (Zaalouk), salads of tomatoes and peppers (techtouka), candied pumpkin, zucchini sweet ... Flat: Pastilla with chicken, seafood pastilla, couscous royal seed of barley, chicken tagine with preserved lemons, lamb tagine peas artichoke tagine kofta (minced meat) eggs, monkfish tagine ... For dessert: Pastilla milk, fruit salad, orange and cinnamon ... Next four hours or tea-time: Feel free to ask us a snack choice, accompanied by delicious mint tea or a milk - Noos Noos called here.

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